Sunday, January 9, 2011

Virginia Steeplechase Association Calendar

Each year the Virginia Steeplechase Association prints a nice little black and white calendar for its members listing the racing dates for that year and including photographs from the previous year. You can join VSA, get a calendar and support steeplechase racing in Virginia. You can see more photos of Virginia steeplechase and point-to-point meets at Susan M. Carter photography. Here are some of the photos from the 2011 calendar.

Miss January is Mary Motion and her partner Orpington. Mary and Orpington won every junior field masters chase they entered during a three year period.

Mary Motion and Orpington, horses
Mr. March is Radio Flyer with Gus Brown aboard winning the Rokeby Bowl.

Radio Flyer and Gus Brown, Rokeby Bowl, Steeplechase horses
Messrs May are Church Ghost and Jake Dunning, Marino Feliz and William Santaro, and Harry's Crown and Sam Cockburn.

steeplechase horses
Mr. and Ms. June are One Sea (Roddy Mackenzie) and Farah T. Salute (Willie Dowling).

steeplechase horse racing
Mr. September is I'm Telling with Jacob Roberts winning the Samuel H. Rogers Memorial at Morven Park.

I'm Telling and Jacob Roberts, steeplechase horse racing
Mr. October is He's a Conniver with Jody Petty winning the International Gold Cup.

He's a Conniver and Jody Petty, steeplechase horse racing
Mr. December is Endless Mountain and Ben Garner winning the open timber race at Old Dominion.

Endless Mountain and Ben Garner, steeplechase horse racing

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