Sunday, September 19, 2010

Steeplechase at Colonial Downs

There was one final steeplechase meet at Colonial Downs for the year. The weather has been unbearably dry and footing at the local steeplechase race courses is iron hard but the turf at Colonial Downs was beautiful, soft and springy.

The first race was a training flat race. In the paddock Three Stepper had a melt down while being tacked up and at one point bolted forward with the saddle bumping on his chest. Since I was scrambling out of his way, I didn't get a photo until he was back under control and they were detaching the saddle.

Three Stepper steeplechase race horse

Three Stepper was revved and led for most of the mile and a half but He's A Conniver and Jody Petty moved on the outside in the stretch, passing Swell Party and Three Stepper to win.

He's a Conniver steeplechase race horse

Rockon Rockoff was making his third start over hurdles at sanctioned meets and won the maiden hurdle race with Roddy Mackenzie.

Rockon Rockoff steeplechase race horse

Dubai Sunday looked very elegant in the paddock before the open hurdle race.

Dubai Sunday steeplechase race horse

And continued that elegance on the race course with Darren Nagel as they went on to an upset victory.

Dubai Sunday steeplechase race horse

It's a good thing I don't bet because I would have picked Eagle Beagle and Paddy Young - they came in third.

Eagle Beagle steeplechase race horse

Race horses and jockeys get all the glory at the track but outriders and their ponies have an important job leading everyone to the start.

Pony Horse at the race track

As do the starters. National Steeplechase Association Starter Barry Watson moves quickly out of the way as the race horses take off.

Steeplechase Start

No more trips down I-95 to New Kent until next summer!

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